Go to the Library

Celebrating Banned Books Week

Celebrating Banned Books Week

You! Yes, I mean you! It’s time to visit an old friend. Get off the couch, unplug the phone, put down the remote, step away from the net, and take a walk down to your local library. It’s time to reconnect with some old pals.



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  1. Going to the library is as good as going to the candy store. But, the choices are sometimes so overwhelming!

    • I agree! But at least you don’t end up with a cavity…just a brain full of new thoughts and ideas! Thanks for the comment and for reading!

  2. Love it!
    Take a look at the digital collections

    • Thanks, Sherry, for the advice. The LOC is an amazing amazing place, not only to visit physically but the resources available to the public are unparalleled. I appreciate your input!

  3. I love the library and totally forgot about the library of Congress. I’m going to check that out online.

    • Thanks, Sasha, for the comment. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

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