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Just grillin'

Just grillin'

One of the many benefits of shopping at places like Goodwill, besides the obvious price-point issue, is that many times you can update your kitchen and literally feed your inner Rachael Ray just by paying close attention to the cookware aisle.

Check out this pan. It’s an All Clad 12-inch grill.  Borrowing directly from the Amazon.com website, the description says it’s a “high-performance grill designed with a heavy gauge, hard-coat anodized aluminum exterior for efficient, balanced heat conductivity and long wear. Quantum-coated nonstick interior. Solid-cast stainless steel handle. Carries the All-Clad limited lifetime warranty.” 

Sounds great doesn’t it?  If you only had the $49.99 in your pocket, plus shipping!  And that’s a bargain, compared to other sites, which list it as high as $89 and above! 

Now most of us these days can’t shell out this kind of cash for such a fine piece of cookware.  But as this lucky Goodwill shopper found out, with a little perseverence, occasionally these gems can be unearthed beneath the stacks of plasticware and mismatched cutlery.  What did I pay for this fabulous All Clad grill?

Three dollars.  Yes, you head that right.   For a whopping three George Washingtons, less than a footlong sub at a famous restaurant, I whipped that bad boy into my cart and home faster than you could say panini sandwich! And was this beautiful grill in a sad state of affairs to find itself wedged in between an old turkey roasting pan and a juice extractor?  Nope!  Probably because it was an All Clad, it was sturdier than its less-expensive counterparts and able to withstand the trip to Goodwill most likely jumbled in a large donation box.

See, thrifting is not what you think.  With a little patience, knowlege of product value, and luck, sometimes the most amazing things can come into your life that up to now may have been cost prohibitive.  Sure, we’d all like to be able to trek to the local gourmet cooking store and walk out with thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise, but as I see it, that trend is morphing into one of a simpler outlook.  Now even those on the most modest budgets sometimes can come away with items of superior value, intrinsic or otherwise. 

So next time when you’re in the market for a new frying pan, swing by your local Goodwill.  You just might be amazed at what you find.

Bon appetit!


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  1. That’s awesome. Next time I am there, I will definitely take more time to look at the shelves. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’ve cooked many a good meal on that pan and I am so grateful to the person who donated it! Let me know what you find.

  2. great post. I’m going shopping!

  3. Hi! New to this blog, which I found on another blog 🙂 I’ve added you to my google reader list 🙂 Cant wait to follow your own adventures in thrifting!

    I love thrifting. And I always say that I WILL find EXACTLY what I need. I might not be today, nor tomorrow. BUt within a couple of weeks, I ALWAYS DO find the items I need. I keep a list of things I am on the lookout for, and one by one cross ’em out. Just thrifting, nothing new 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words! It is a thrifty adventure…I love the name of your blog. Thanks for checking me out, and enjoy the thrifting journey!

  4. OK just another quick tip from a reader and friend….. Once you find that nice pan, weather it be a skillet or a 9×13 really nice heavy weight deep sided cake type pan, that you thought would be just perfect to roast your Thanksgiving squash type medley vegetables in…. Yeah… Don’t let your 25 year old son, (who still lives with you), yeah, don’t let him barrow it, to take, say an apple crisp, to a chili cook off party. Yeah just don’t do it. You will never see your beloved pan again and even though you only paid, well not even 2 bucks for the pan, you will really miss that pan a whole bunch! 🙂

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