Raptors in my neighborhood

The Eyes See Everything

The Eyes See Everything

I have been blessed to have as neighbors now for the past two years a triplet set of Cooper’s hawks setting up a nest just across the street from my house. Their amazing calls and magnificent acrobatics in flight have humbled me and made me step back for at least a few moments a day to truly appreciate Nature’s beauty at its best. They’ve been a joy to watch as they go about their lives just meters from my window, soaring and plunging, hopping in branches, and even playing tag with a squirrel when they were youngsters. I don’t think that the squirrel knew he was in danger, and he and the hawk just chased each other around and around some bushes and up and down tree branches. This was last year, and while the baby hawks may have been having more fun than truly intending on eating little Rocky, my suspicion is that this year it’d be more of a case of “playing with their dinner,” as my fellow birder, Donna, remarked.

How often in our busy lives do we stop even for a second or two to listen to the wind rustling through the trees, the call of a happy robin, or look beyond our perimeter of interest to truly see the magnificence around us? I am honored and touched to share my little world with these gorgeous creatures and am grateful to them for reopening my hawk eyes.

If you ever should be so fortunate to have these raptors as aerial companions, you may be interested in hearing their recorded cries to help identify them.


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