Thrift Store Kitty Volume 2

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


This is my second blog post about a couch getting donated, accompanied by a stowaway kitty.   Apparently couches are the primo spot for hiding for our feline friends.  You’d think the cat would have tried to escape once she/he felt the sofa moving but perhaps the springs were in the way.  However, as this came to pass (again!) I guess I must make a mental note to dig not only for misplaced spare change in the cushions but also to tune my ear for a telltale mewl from within the depths of any couch I may be eyeballing for my living room. 

There clearly must be a gang of rogue cats determined to infiltrate our thrift stores; their true intentions not entirely evident.  Must be an Al-Quatda plot to capture our hearts.

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Where’s My Bailout?


Is a rat family living in here?

Is a rat family living in here?


I don’t get it. The banks have had their bailout dollars, the auto companies are petitioning for money, the real estate industry has its hand out, even Larry Flynt wants some of Uncle Sam’s dough. I, like many of my friends, all hardworking individuals who have paid their bills on time, kept up with mounting interest rates and the continual threat of layoff, simply wonder when the money will flow to us.

Specifically, I need a new couch! My nine-year-old loveseat, a formerly fabulous green leather setee, now sags lower than an overloaded station wagon on bad leafsprings, its foam innards peeking through popped seams resembling some sort of B-movie monster with bad teeth. Sitting on it has become more of an adventure than a relaxing event; you’re never sure if the springs will bite you in areas best left untouched, and the holes threaten to devour every last dime from your pocket.

So here’s my pitch to Congress: Bail out all those big fancy guys but if you’ve got a couple hundred to spare, could you send it my way so I can finally retire old Bessie?

I’d freecycle the darn thing but I’m afraid a small rat family will take up residence before the guy-who-promised-he’d-show-up-yesterday-for-sure-this-time turns up, if at all.


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