Wands at the Ready

I get mine at Ollivander's

I get mine at Ollivander's

I just stood in line with 300 of my fellow Potter-lovers and saw the sixth instalment last night. It was amazing, if not too short for my liking. The filmmakers simply cannot crunch enough of Jo Rowling’s imagination into one film to satisfy any of us fanatical readers. Were they to do it, it’d be a 5-hour movie, and while I’d sit through it, I am not sure many movie houses or production companies could afford such an epic.

My sorting hat’s off to you, Ms Rowling, once again for enchanting millions and leading us into a world of fantasy, intrigue, and ultimately hope and love. We are all fortunate to have been able to tap into your brain and see the wonders within.

Now if I could just have some of her good writing fortune! Maybe I need my wand or some of that felix felicis potion!