Radio Star Volume 2

Well hopefully I said something of value to folks the other day on the radio with Michelle Vandepas of  Your Divine Purpose Unleashed on Live your Purpose Radio/Blog Talk Radio on the 15th.  I was quite nervous, but Michelle was a great host and I think I was able to convey my simple message.  Please take a listen by clicking on my show and let me know what you think!  I’ll be eager to see all my reviews!  Thanks for all your support!


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  1. Dawn and Alex,

    Finally had time to listen. I never realized I was junktiquing all these years, however, not quite as much as you. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to both of you. I think I will take the time to find out where those Goodwill and Salvation Army stores are in my neck of the woods. Plus, while listening at my computer, I noticed how filthy the keyboard was. So I was able to be entertained while I cleaned. Thank you for the insights. I wish you the best of luck on that book. I want an autographed copy (which I will, of course, buy). The articles I read were so my style. Can’t wait to have the whole thing in one neat package. Dawn, you amaze me. Who knew what was inside. Glad I’m able to get a peek.


    • Thanks, Linda, for taking the time to listen. I was very nervous but hopefully sounded somewhat cogent. It’s a great joy for me to be able to channel some of my creative energies this way, and I truly appreciate your support and kind words!

  2. I enjoyed listening to you on blogtalk radio. I must say something, I MISS FREECYCLE

    • It is not the same down here in Arkansas. For some reason, when I applied to the Russellville group when we first bought our place here and was not actually down here yet, they told me to apply when I got here. Then I did and was denied. No response when I asked for a reason. So I tried a few months later to no avail. Other interested ppl from the university have applied as well only to be denied. It makes me wonder what they are trading!

      Finally I joined the group in the community where I work only to be extremely disappointed. It just goes to show, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

      Anyway, miss you guys. I really enjoyed hearing your voices and thinking of Sandwich. Great advice and I can’t wait for the book. I think we need one for the library as well! You got me psyched to go out and “junk”. There are a lot of “antique malls” here. Happy thrifting!!!

      • Hi Sherry,
        Yes, we miss you too! I don’t know why they’re giving you such a hard time. Hopefully somebody will come along and correct whatever problems your local group may be experiencing. Freecycle rocks and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to exchange my junk!

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